BEST Courses

BEST Courses are a multi-day event organized 4 times a year, along with the changing seasons. During the courses, students have the opportunity to enrich their experience, broaden their knowledge in all areas, explore Europe, and have a great time at the same time!

Each of the courses is attended by 20-30 students of technical universities from all over the world who want to experience an amazing adventure! During their course, they take part in lectures prepared by university or company staff, as well as visit research centers and industrial plants, which allows them to combine theoretical knowledge with practice.

Three types of courses can be distinguished: Technology Courses – the main goal is to increase knowledge of modern technologies, Career Skills Courses – are based on non-technical subjects and soft skills, and Applied Engineering Courses – they involve teamwork, problem solving and knowledge in practice. Each is completed with an exam that tests new knowledge, and in some of them students have the option of receiving an additional ECTS point.