The Academic Job Fair

The Academic Job Fair is the only non-commercial fair event in Poland organized by students on such a large scale. In cooperation with, among others, the Lodz University of Technology, the Medical University and ESN-EYE Lodz, this year for the fifteenth time we are preparing the largest event of this type in the country. Every year, our fair attracts over 17,000 young people who are looking for a job and want to broaden their business contacts. It is also a unique opportunity for companies – ATP is a huge source of potential employees, qualified in various fields, mainly technical. The number of exhibitors reaches 120 and it is constantly growing every year. The Academic Job Fair is not only about exhibitors – it is also a series of trainings and workshops conducted by experts in the field of IT, automation, business and many others.

Each year, over 200 volunteers work for the success of this event, who are active members of BEST and many other student organizations on a daily basis.